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PublicRelay is the premier PR media monitoring and analytics solution for communications and marketing professionals.

Known for its ease of use, superior data quality, and actionable information, PublicRelay delivers accurate business intelligence, drives proactive influencer engagement, and proves PR impact for the world’s most prominent corporations, associations, and government agencies.

Our solutions make your job easier and make you more effective. Learn more on our solutions on the pages to the right.


“We were immediately able to use PublicRelay's tools, whereas other systems have taken months to learn.”
Director of Corporate Communications, Fortune 500 Software Company
“We like the republishing and workflow tools that allow us to act on important developments from within the system.”
VP of Communications at $100 billion Manufacturer
“You have hit it right on the mark – this solution is a game- changer.”
Former SVP of Communications, Top 5 Insurance Company
“You have built the system I sought for 15 years (and ultimately cobbled together piecemeal). I always wanted something like this.”
Former EVP of Communications for Major Cable Network
“We've seen significant improvements while using PublicRelay, including accurate analysis and the ability to intervene based on social media activity.”
Director of Corporate Communications, Major IT Services Firm
“PublicRelay took the time to understand how we actually operate, so it is powerful in the information it provides yet easy to use and implement.”
Partner, Leading Regional Agency
“PublicRelay solves problems that other providers we evaluated have struggled with: reducing noise in our coverage, getting to meaningful content faster, and tracking the popularity of content in social media.”
VP of Communications, Global 100 Company
“Again and again, PublicRelay has put us out in front of problems before they become crises.”
Communications Executive, Three-Letter U.S. Government Agency
“If you’re a CCO (or want to be), do yourself a favor – talk with these folks. This new tool is a game-changer.”
Ward White, Vice President, Communications, Northwestern Mutual (ret.)
“Their analysts are like an extension of our own team.”
Ashley McMaster, Director, Communications, AdvaMed
“PublicRelay's solution is a significant time saver to our team allowing us to spend more time on PR issues that matter the most.”
Chris Grandis, Corporate Director Global Public Relations, CSC
“Accurate, reliable, and always keeping me on top of the issues.”
Ashley Eames, Public Relations Manager, Iridium
“The best solution I've seen, with the quality a Fortune 500 executive expects.”
Caren Merrick, Former EVP, Marketing, WebMethods


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  1. Comprehensive Monitoring

    Comprehensive Monitoring

    Online news, traditional print, blogs, and other coverage all in one place. Read More

  2. Human Analysis

    Human Analysis

    Accurate tone, categorization, and analysis by an analyst working to your standards. Read More

  3. Predictive Momentum

    Predictive Momentum

    Engagement statistics from social data show which stories are catching fire. Read More

  4. Social Media

    Social Media

    Insight to know who matters - and then engage them in a targeted manner across social media. Read More

  5. Rich Profiles

    Rich Profiles

    Better information than you’ve ever had on the people shaping opinion in your market. Read More

  6. Smart Tools

    Smart Tools

    Powerful but simple tools to efficiently expand your outreach to influencers. Read More

  7. Actionable Insights

    Actionable Insights

    Real-world business insights gleaned from the data and served up to you. Read More

  8. Executive Reporting

    Executive Reporting

    Graphs and reports yielding true business insight and designed for senior executives. Read More

Our Executive-Level Reports and Charts Enable You to Prove Your Impact and ROI

Typical monitoring solutions in the marketplace rely on keyword-based automated analysis to generate mention counts, extract trending topics, and generate questionable numbers such as “Ad Value Equivalent.”

We solve this problem.  We give you the intelligence and metrics you and your company's leadership have been looking for, setting a new standard for executive reporting.

Executive Reports and Charts

Our executive reports and charts provide in-depth graphical outputs identifying key content and influencers, monitoring message impact, measuring results, and projecting the future.  A sampling of our many reports includes:

  • Quality Share of Voice: See your coverage in comparison to competition in key outlets, or even compare share across your products or messages.
  • Priority Engagement Map: Pinpoint hotspots in the media landscape and identify specific groups of your influencers to engage.
  • Influencer Ecosystem: Use sophisticated, segmented analytics by topics and tone of influencer.
  • Top Authors: Quickly see who your top authors are by amount of coverage and impressions.
  • Trending Topics and Issues: Know at a glance which of your issues are new, trending up, or fading. 

 PublicRelay Executive Reporting

Underlying Reporting Features

Not only does our suite of quality reports provide executive-level images to illuminate and prove the value and ROI of your team’s efforts, our reports give you even more:

  • All underlying data has been verified by our human analysts to ensure your specific standards are behind all of the analysis.
  • Click-throughs on charts immediately show you the underlying data, giving you the power to see what is behind the trend and then react quickly.
  • Advanced, customizable filtering extracts data in ways that matter to you on key topics and issues.

Our suite of executive analytics and reports deliver the most insightful, yet easiest to use, media intelligence for PR and corporate communications professionals. 

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