“We were immediately able to use PublicRelay's tools, whereas other systems have taken months to learn.”
Director of Corporate Communications, Fortune 500 Software Company
“We like the republishing and workflow tools that allow us to act on important developments from within the system.”
VP of Communications at $100 billion Manufacturer
“You have hit it right on the mark – this solution is a game- changer.”
Former SVP of Communications, Top 5 Insurance Company
“You have built the system I sought for 15 years (and ultimately cobbled together piecemeal). I always wanted something like this.”
Former EVP of Communications for Major Cable Network
“We've seen significant improvements while using PublicRelay, including accurate analysis and the ability to intervene based on social media activity.”
Director of Corporate Communications, Major IT Services Firm
“PublicRelay took the time to understand how we actually operate, so it is powerful in the information it provides yet easy to use and implement.”
Partner, Leading Regional Agency
“PublicRelay solves problems that other providers we evaluated have struggled with: reducing noise in our coverage, getting to meaningful content faster, and tracking the popularity of content in social media.”
VP of Communications, Global 100 Company
“Again and again, PublicRelay has put us out in front of problems before they become crises.”
Communications Executive, Three-Letter U.S. Government Agency
“If you’re a CCO (or want to be), do yourself a favor – talk with these folks. This new tool is a game-changer.”
Ward White, Vice President, Communications, Northwestern Mutual (ret.)
“Their analysts are like an extension of our own team.”
Ashley McMaster, Director, Communications, AdvaMed
“PublicRelay's solution is a significant time saver to our team allowing us to spend more time on PR issues that matter the most.”
Chris Grandis, Corporate Director Global Public Relations, CSC
“Accurate, reliable, and always keeping me on top of the issues.”
Ashley Eames, Public Relations Manager, Iridium
“The best solution I've seen, with the quality a Fortune 500 executive expects.”
Caren Merrick, Former EVP, Marketing, WebMethods


  PR News Digital PR Guidebook PublicRelay continues to provide industry-leading insights in measurement and analytics with a featured article in the fifth volume of the PR News Digital PR Guidebook. Read More ►

PublicRelay delivers results you can use with the tools and services that work best for you


We offer a rich set of powerful capabilities and insights, but you select only those that work best for the unique needs of your organization and how you get things done.  You can choose where we focus our energy, spending less time in areas you already have covered, and increasing effort where you see the highest impact and ROI.  This ensures you get the best value and it smoothes the implementation, eliminating any disruption to your team or your daily work flow.

 PublicRelay Charts
We give you capabilities that generate results for your team by:

  • Getting the right messages to the right people in a timely manner
  • Saving you time filtering and digesting information, giving you more time to plan and act
  • Serving you accurate analysis of coverage that results in better campaigns – and we even accurately measure their impact
  • Giving you insight into the opinions and relationships that really matter
  • Keeping you apprised of which stories are receiving attention so you can decide when to intervene – or stay silent
  • Keeping you from getting caught off-guard as new influencers appear in your market
  • Giving you tools to take action on the spot, sharing, amplifying, and responding smartly
  • Rallying supporters when you need help propagating (or recasting) a message
  • Providing insights into patterns and trends in ways that are meaningful to your goals
  • Putting you into a more proactive mode and reducing the frequency and intensity of fire drills
  • Arming you with unique, actionable knowledge and capabilities that are on-call whenever a crisis hits

Our clients are using these capabilities to take their communications teams to new levels of effectiveness, delivering and proving results that they can be justifiably proud of.  Let us give you the same advantages.

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