Are your messages getting the attention they deserve?


You always get actionable information because our highly-trained analysts use advanced software to transform raw coverage into quality data.

A powerful blend of technology, people, and process

  • Trust the insights you receive: we combine advanced technology with the judgment of highly-skilled analysts to quickly see trends and relationships in your coverage
  • Get the best of both worlds: your dedicated analyst pairs with technology backed by the National Science Foundation to accurately target the most important coverage trends

99% of client executives surveyed stated that PublicRelay analysts understood their media priorities and were easily accessible.

PublicRelay Client Survey - 2016

Gain a partner, not just a tool

  • Stay on top of breaking events: your analysts track your news in near real time, flagging impactful or problematic coverage and giving you back time for other key tasks
  • Rely on a dedicated team just one call away to assist with media monitoring and reporting whenever you need it
  • Gain insight through the assessment of dedicated media analysts who understand your business as well as you do

Analysis tailored to your needs

  • As your strategies and priorities change, we customize the booleans and our analytics for you – so your team never misses a story
  • Dig deeper into your coverage with granular, human-curated analysis encompassing the entirety of your business needs