9 Questions to Ask Your Media Intelligence Solution Provider

By now most everyone has seen the LifeLock commercials poking fun at monitoring your credit versus doing something about the fraud that’s found. That shift in terminology and mindset is happening across all industries, moving from “reporting on” things to giving you “actionable intelligence”. The Public Relations and Communications space is no different, moving from […]

Human & Machine: The Crucial Metrics You Could Be Getting with a Hybrid Approach

As you dissect the landscape of media monitoring and analytics solutions available to your team, it’s important to understand how best-in-class Communications professionals are tying measurement to business outcomes. In our last blog post, we shared the results of an MIT study testing how untrained machines fare when it comes to measuring a brand’s key […]

Machines v. Humans: Who Wins Analyzing Media Coverage?

Measuring media coverage is a complicated task. It’s a no-brainer for your team to want both accuracy and efficiency at the forefront of any monitoring and analysis solution, but it can be difficult to find a tool that succeeds at both. With a plethora of different options to choose from, including many automated solutions that […]

PRWeek Feature: Do You Trust Your Media Monitoring Data?

Many in the communications field have written about how corporate communicators should make more – and better – use of data in their day-to-day work. And the breadth of monitoring and measurement capabilities available to deliver this data has perhaps never been greater. So why is it many teams are still not relying heavily on […]

A Guide to Nailing PR Measurement for Your Next Company Event

The best part about a company special event is that you know it’s coming – in the unpredictable world of Communications, that alone is a gift. The worst part is that an influx of coverage can mean an influx of bad data – unless your team has a strategic plan in place to draw actionable […]

Are Your Thought Leadership Programs Working? 3 Questions You Should Answer

If you had a dollar for every time your Communications team has uttered the phrase “Thought Leadership”, you’d probably be able to buy your dream vacation home. In nearly every industry, being recognized as an expert on the issues relating to your products and services is an aspirational goal. As such, some of our clients […]

Infographic: Most Widely Shared EpiPen Articles From the Last Month

Every Communications professional operating within the Pharmaceuticals industry cringes at one word: EpiPens. After an increase from roughly $100 in 2009 to $600 in 2016, costs have become objectively egregious, and the industry is watching closely to see how the trend evolves. After working with several teams interested in drug and medical device costs, PublicRelay began tracking coverage […]

Supporting Business Growth: Viewing PR Through Your Customers’ Eyes

Corporate communications teams often have responsibility for developing and distributing PR messaging to several internal and external audiences. However, the audience made up of current and prospective customers is arguably of special importance. In the eyes of sales and marketing (and for many senior executives) this is a crucial constituency due to the impact it […]

From the Trenches: How Data Saved the Day

“From the Trenches” is a PublicRelay blog series that shares stories from our Media Analysts about the day-to-day discoveries they make working with communications professionals at Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies and more.    As a communications professional, you move fast.  Really, really fast. In an industry where the only constant is change, media teams […]

3 Game-Changing Ways 3rd Party Influencers Can Shape Your Media Strategy

It’s no secret to communications executives that it’s essential to identify key influencers impacting their business. Traditional media strategy typically focuses on journalists and authors engaging with a particular industry, but there are other parties with the power to shift conversations and impact public perception – Third-party influencers.  Third-party influencers such as political organizations, regulatory […]