36 to 1: Streamlining Media Tracking

36. That’s how many Communications staff it took at a major national bank to produce one quarterly media intelligence report. Local market coverage analysis is a necessity for effective Communications strategy at many organizations. However, most media monitoring and analysis solutions simply cannot access posts and articles from localized outlets. The result? Both gathering and […]

Are Communicators Ready to Effectively Utilize Media Intelligence Data?

There is a shift happening in the Communications world. Communicators are being asked to do more with more. As panelists at a PRWeek event at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity claimed, “the lines have blurred between marketing and communications, marketing and information technology, and who exactly is doing the marketing.” Due to this shift, […]

Crisis Media Monitoring and a Seat at the Table

Company crises can be deal-makers (or breakers) in the career of a PR or Communications professional. C-suite execs want proof that a crisis strategy is working, both during and after the event. How can teams prove that their handling of an event is sufficient, and that it results in a return to business as usual as quick as […]

Needle in a Haystack – Why Surveys Matter

  Has your company sent out a survey recently? Surveys can be a wonderful way of connecting with your clients or prospects and collecting feedback about you and your offerings. Insights from surveys can help you learn: What’s Working: Paying attention to what customers rave about can prove useful and surprising. This can help you identify what […]

Could Your Team Handle an Around-the-Clock News Event?

If you’ve ever done Communication or PR work for a company going through an Initial Public Offering, you know news attention can increase over tenfold. This volume increase can make it difficult to understand the big picture, respond, pivot, and strategize in the moment. Here are three tools we’ve found most helpful to companies dealing […]

9 Questions to Ask Your Media Intelligence Solution Provider

By now most everyone has seen the LifeLock commercials poking fun at monitoring your credit versus doing something about the fraud that’s found. That shift in terminology and mindset is happening across all industries, moving from “reporting on” things to giving you “actionable intelligence”. The Public Relations and Communications space is no different, moving from […]

Human & Machine: The Crucial Metrics You Could Be Getting with a Hybrid Approach

As you dissect the landscape of media monitoring and analytics solutions available to your team, it’s important to understand how best-in-class Communications professionals are tying measurement to business outcomes. In our last blog post, we shared the results of an MIT study testing how untrained machines fare when it comes to measuring a brand’s key […]

Machines v. Humans: Who Wins Analyzing Media Coverage?

Measuring media coverage is a complicated task. It’s a no-brainer for your team to want both accuracy and efficiency at the forefront of any monitoring and analysis solution, but it can be difficult to find a tool that succeeds at both. With a plethora of different options to choose from, including many automated solutions that […]

PRWeek Feature: Do You Trust Your Media Monitoring Data?

Many in the communications field have written about how corporate communicators should make more – and better – use of data in their day-to-day work. And the breadth of monitoring and measurement capabilities available to deliver this data has perhaps never been greater. So why is it many teams are still not relying heavily on […]

A Guide to Nailing PR Measurement for Your Next Company Event

The best part about a company special event is that you know it’s coming – in the unpredictable world of Communications, that alone is a gift. The worst part is that an influx of coverage can mean an influx of bad data – unless your team has a strategic plan in place to draw actionable […]