“We were immediately able to use PublicRelay's tools, whereas other systems have taken months to learn.”
Director of Corporate Communications, Fortune 500 Software Company
“We like the republishing and workflow tools that allow us to act on important developments from within the system.”
VP of Communications at $100 billion Manufacturer
“You have hit it right on the mark – this solution is a game- changer.”
Former SVP of Communications, Top 5 Insurance Company
“You have built the system I sought for 15 years (and ultimately cobbled together piecemeal). I always wanted something like this.”
Former EVP of Communications for Major Cable Network
“We've seen significant improvements while using PublicRelay, including accurate analysis and the ability to intervene based on social media activity.”
Director of Corporate Communications, Major IT Services Firm
“PublicRelay took the time to understand how we actually operate, so it is powerful in the information it provides yet easy to use and implement.”
Partner, Leading Regional Agency
“PublicRelay solves problems that other providers we evaluated have struggled with: reducing noise in our coverage, getting to meaningful content faster, and tracking the popularity of content in social media.”
VP of Communications, Global 100 Company
“Again and again, PublicRelay has put us out in front of problems before they become crises.”
Communications Executive, Three-Letter U.S. Government Agency
“If you’re a CCO (or want to be), do yourself a favor – talk with these folks. This new tool is a game-changer.”
Ward White, Vice President, Communications, Northwestern Mutual (ret.)
“Their analysts are like an extension of our own team.”
Ashley McMaster, Director, Communications, AdvaMed
“PublicRelay's solution is a significant time saver to our team allowing us to spend more time on PR issues that matter the most.”
Chris Grandis, Corporate Director Global Public Relations, CSC
“Accurate, reliable, and always keeping me on top of the issues.”
Ashley Eames, Public Relations Manager, Iridium
“The best solution I've seen, with the quality a Fortune 500 executive expects.”
Caren Merrick, Former EVP, Marketing, WebMethods


         PublicRelay FAQs
Check out some Frequently Asked Questions to answer questions you may have on how PublicRelay can make your job easier – and better.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the questions that we’re asked by prospects and clients on a regular basis:

So how are you really different?
PublicRelay is unlike any solution you’ve seen before:

We bring you useful information.  Our system puts you on top of the rapid changes in media outlets, writers, and bloggers and gives you the power to know where to spend limited time and resources.

We make you smarter to build better relationships.  PublicRelay not only gives you facts about who is influential, but we also provide insight into what makes these influencers tick, what they care about, how they think, and what might be some new and effective ways to reach them and build relationships.

We give you action and impact.  We serve up to you just the information you need in a framework that allows you to immediately take action to shape perceptions.

We make you much more proactive.  Our system lowers your stress level and makes you smarter with every decision that is based on up-to-date, accurate information and less guesswork.

We already have a media monitoring service – why do we need you?
First and foremost, PublicRelay is not merely a media monitoring company.  Sure, we can monitor online and offline coverage from just about any sources out there, but monitoring is just the start.

What makes us different than any solution you’ve seen before is our intense focus on the influencers that really matter to you and your communications strategy.  We track this group as it evolves and give you insights to efficiently and effectively interact with them.  Then we bring accurate and actionable metrics and analysis right to the surface so you can show measurable impact.  Best of all, we give you the smarts to be more proactive and get ahead of the messages, either good or bad.

You will be delighted with our system if you value information that you can act on, if it is important to you to build solid relationships with key influencers, and if you prefer to be more proactive whenever possible.  With PublicRelay you can easily prove your impact and results and get ahead of crises before they get ahead of you.

How are your analysts qualified to analyze our media and coverage?
PublicRelay has a unique, proven process to select, screen, and qualify analyst candidates.  They must possess a unique set of attributes including raw intelligence, analytical skills, a strong education, patience, exceptional diligence, and customer relations skills.  Our analysts are truly a cut above: many were at the top of their class and have prior work experience in fields as analytically demanding as national security.

Our analysts:

  • Are dedicated to their clients and learn their perspectives and preferences
  • Are trained to research using processes and technology tools that are unique in the industry
  • Focus on providing you with information that is highly actionable – not a mass fire hose of data
  • Constantly look for trends with people and topics to alert you to a potential issue or opportunity
  • Work very closely with you and adjust to your ever-changing needs.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with.

I want to track customer comments and buzz from millions of sources – can you do that?
PublicRelay is not a mass “buzz” monitoring company for use in customer care or broad market-testing of products and services.  Many of our customers use such solutions alongside PublicRelay since we address very different issues and needs.

Do you track social media?
Yes we do.  We focus on the social media “ecosystem” of the influencers that matter to you (and we evolve that list over time).  What we don’t do is feed you hundreds or thousands of mentions every day (a large portion of which is simply noise and a distraction to your overworked team).  Instead, what you see is a useful, organized flow of insightful social media about you and written by people that make a difference.

How do we access your solution, and does our IT department need to get involved?
PublicRelay is offered directly over the Web to you – anytime and anywhere.  In virtually every case, clients can be up and running with no IT involvement of any kind.

We have a corporate-wide license for Factiva and Lexis-Nexis. How does that fit in?
We have relationships with these and other excellent providers which allow us to use your licenses to take those feeds directly into our system.  We’ll only need to work with you briefly to confirm the type and proper quantity of licenses.

And if you don’t have licenses, we can expedite the process and have you up and running in no time with the content you want and need.

Do you include analysis of foreign sources?
We sure do.  PublicRelay has access to thousands of publications from all over the world.  And if you want to include foreign languages, we can make that happen for you too.

Your contacts database is smaller than the one from our current provider, which includes almost a million people.  Why is that the case?
Whether or not this is an issue depends on what you need.  Most of our clients think we have an extremely robust database, since we focus on the set of writers, bloggers, and influencers that really matter to them.  The difference between us and the volume databases is in quality.  Where they go a mile wide and an inch deep, we go just as wide as a client needs and as deep as we can, creating rich, insightful profiles for all the people who matter in your world.

Do you have a press release distribution wire service or solution?
No we don’t.  This is a fairly commoditized service that can easily be purchased on a one-off basis from a number of providers at an affordable price.  If you need recommendations, we can help.

Why is your data better than other companies'?
Our clients tell us that our information is more focused, more relevant, and far more actionable,  making them quickly know what matters so they can mobilize and shape opinion.  It is also is organized in a way that gives you answers to tough yet important questions, whether they are about people, coverage, messages, or the competition.

What kind of technology do you use? Is it really better?
PublicRelay uses an industry-leading “modular” approach to technology.  So unlike many companies that built a custom technology years ago and remain tied to dated technology, we are able to constantly provide you with the latest proven technologies.  Cutting-edge software can be integrated into our system quickly and easily, keeping our solution at the forefront.

And we’ve learned through years of media experience that content analysis technologies can only take you so far.  Its set of limitations – well-known among communications professionals – is the reason we have analysts in the process, ensuring that what you see is of uncompromising quality and accuracy.

I've tried a bunch of monitoring and analysis solutions before, and they never work.  Why are you confident that you can solve my problems?
Such stories are commonplace, and they unfortunately can make some people skeptical about the industry as a whole.

We’re different because we built our solution based on input and feedback from dozens of leading communications professionals just like you.  We took great pains to understand what they needed and what did not work for them in other solutions.  Then we developed our solution with an obsessive focus on solving these problems.

So when you look at PublicRelay, you’ll see us solving the real problems and giving you the tools and insights that you'll wish you’d had all along.

Do you provide ad value equivalent?
No.  Based on guidance from many experienced thought leaders in the communications and PR industry, we elected not to build that into our solution.  However, based on their counsel, we have built many new, better, defensible metrics into our system that allow you to prove your value and impact.  Want to show your impact on message uptake?  Your diffusion of a crisis?  Maybe your impact on sales?  PublicRelay provides these metrics and more.

Your solution sounds powerful and really helpful, but how much does it cost?
Since we employ highly trained analysts to ensure we provide unmatched quality and insights to our clients, PublicRelay is not the cheapest solution out there, so we are not for everyone.  However, there are almost always meaningful costs offset from products and processes that are no longer needed.  The cost of PublicRelay is also dependent on the needs and desires of each individual client – it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  To help you manage planning and budgets, we contract at a fixed, monthly fee that is driven by the overall complexity of the products, messages, and issues you’d like us to monitor, analyze, and provide insights into. 

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