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Media monitoring and measurement the way CCOs would do it…if they had the time.

What happens when you combine precise media analytics with the world’s leading data visualizations?

A powerful and stunning media dashboard that allows you to decipher your media coverage, track topic trends in near real-time, and tell your story to the C-Suite. Check out our work at CES 2017. 

Media Monitoring

  • Never miss a story: access news from over 100,000 traditional publications, millions of online outlets, 1,900 broadcast and radio channels, and every major public social media platform
  • Spend your energy where it matters: CEO-ready clip reports are sent directly to your inbox every morning
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Publicrelay Monitoring

Technology Guided by Human Analysis

  • Say goodbye to automated, inaccurate data: an analyst categorizes your news by topic, sentiment, and impact in near-real time
  • No more surprises: your dedicated PublicRelay analyst serves as “eyes and ears” for your news coverage, flagging impactful or problematic coverage as it surfaces
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Executive Reporting

  • Impress your C-suite: accurate data presented in a world-class BI tool helps you understand your impact on the bottom line
  • Benchmark your coverage: know where you stand against competitors on KPIs, products, and audience response
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